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Here I have collected my favorite Star Wars screensavers. There are not too many Star Wars screensavers in existence out there, so it is a challenge to find really quality ones. You won't find many "slideshow" screensavers here because to me they seem rather boring. I hope you enjoy these, and I will add more as I find more. If you have trouble downloading these files, or need help installing them, e-mail me.

Podsaver(582KB) Different 3D podracers take turns bouncing around the screen
The Death Star Approach (1.20MB) As if from a cockpit you slowly approach the Death Star, with TIEs flying at you
Gamorrean Pogo Stick(674KB) What's funnier than a gamorrean bouncing on a pogo stick outside Jabba's palace?
Thermal Detonators(1.97MB) A very cool screensaver with thermal detonators bouncing around the screen to the accompaniment of Metallica playing the Imperial March
Speeder Bikes(323KB) A terrific screensaver with Imperial speeder bikes racing across the screen
Teachings of the Force(3.55MB) Screenshots and dialogue from the Yoda/Luke conversation on Dagobah in ESB
Bounty Hunters(2.30MB) Screenshots of bounty hunters. Very smooth.
Star Wars Ships(2.22MB) Probably one of the most common Star Wars screensavers, but quality. Star Wars ships fly across your screen.
Star Wars Screensaver(1.13MB) Imperial ships fly by, technical data on Imperial ships comes up. Interesting idea, but low quality graphics.