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Ten high quality wallpapers featuring battle scenes from Episode 2.

A collection of fanart comic-style renditions of AOTC characters.

Six character-based Attack of the Clones wallpapers.

Episode 2 wallpaper contributed by various artists using footage from the movie.

IG-88 is, in my opinion, the best of the Star Wars wallpaper designers. He has generously allowed the TFHB to display ten of my favorite wallpapers. Visit his site to see more.

Elektro is also at the top of his class. He has put much time into creating a multitude of spectacular wallpapers. One criticism common to all wallpaper designers except IG-88: the wallpaper often makes a better grpahic than desktop wallpaper just because the designers do not take into consideration that dektop application icons will cover up a large portion of the wallpaper, overlaying graphics and creating an odd contrast.

Frank Hnatek has created several snazzy wallpapers anticipating Star Wars: Episode Two.

Monty Low has created a couple character-themed wallpapers. They look nice, and I hope more are coming.

Tim Piper's wallpapers focus on the prequels... also available is his Jabba the Hutt Christmas wallpaper.

Some breathtaking, very sophisticated wallpapers have been created by Victor Sarabia. We have available for you two of his wallpapers featuring Princess Leia, one of Queen Amidala, and one of Darth Maul.

Miscellaneous Wallpapers